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Can the success of the England Lionesses inspire the next generation?

By July 8, 2019 No Comments

With the Lionesses making the final four in back to back World Cup’s There is no doubt that this current crop of players has heavily influenced the next generation of Female and Male footballers.

Although England failed to make the final after a narrow defeat to the USA it is clear to see that both on and off the field the Lionesses have had a successful tournament.

On the field stars such as Lucy Bronze have shined bright and showed why she is leading the light for English players playing abroad at the highest level of the women’s game. Something we discussed in our latest edition of On the front foot.

However, off the field, the Lionesses success has been monumental with the women’s team breaking multiple viewing records and moving the sport out of the background and into the spotlight of the British Public.

The Lionesses broke the viewing record for women’s football four times during the tournament with the semi-final having the most views with 11.7 million people tuning in.

This is a massive step in the right direction for women’s football in England with Former Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn saying “It’s moved from being an interesting Olympic-type sport to an absolute mainstream sport. The importance of that is that adds attraction, it pulls girls and women into playing.”

With such high viewing figures, it is hoped that the millions of new viewers will be inspired to take up football something that occurred during the 2017 Euro’s.

After the 2017 Euros were England were yet again were defeated in a semi-finals participation and attendances at WSL games increased.



Case in point, there has been an increase of over 6% in young women participating in women’s youth football.

It is hoped that a similar effect can take place after the 2019 world cup and get more women into football in England.

Furthermore, with Euro 2021 set to take place in England plus the professionalization of the WSL and the potential takeover by the Premier league the success of the Lionesses at the 2019 World Cup could be the ignition to start of a revolution of women’s football in England.