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The Premier Sports Network was launched in 2015, by two specialist sponsorship and events consultants that together specialise in creating unique partnerships for the sports and live entertainment industry.

2019 Behind-the-Scenes Awards

The Premier Sports Network

The Premier Sports Network is an invite-only community of executives from professional sports clubs, player agents, governing bodies and federations, from a number of disciplines, who meet across the year to discuss best practice in their sector of expertise.

Regular events on the Premier Sports Network calendar include the Finance in Sports conference, the Player Care Seminar, The Fan Experience summit and the Golf Tour at the prestigious Old Course Hotel in St Andrews Scotland.

There is a strict policy to our guest-list and unless our guests have received a personal invitation, no entry is granted as delegate passes are not available to purchase.

We pride ourselves on knowledge sharing and put learning first, with the player care conferences focusing on protecting, supporting and educating professional athletes to the best standard possible is debated, and the Fan Experience Seminar, brings a community that discusses what does and doesn’t work when communicating with fans in a way that is meaningful and rewarding to them.

What we cover:

Fan Engagement, Ticketing

Player Care

Talent Care

Finance in Sport
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